Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free Comic Book Daily

Hi People!

We meet again for another round of "Comic Book Giveaway"

Ohio Mike is back!
He is the winner of yesterday's free comic and I think that makes two in a row.
Thanks Mike. All your winnings will be shipped out today!

Let's see what five comics I could list today ...

Mighty Avengers ( 2007 ) #11 NM

Teen Titans ( 3rd Series ) #20 NM

Wolverine ( 2nd Series ) #64 NM

Ultimate Spider-Man ( 1st Series ) #123 NM

Action Comics ( 1938 ) #863A NM

And here's today's question ...

Which word can go before all of the following words:
___bell, ___found, ___struck, ___waiter?

The second e-mail with the correct answer wins one of today's five comics.

Good luck to all!
bmelv48 @ gmail . com

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